Relactagel is a lactic acid gel that is clinically proven to treat and prevent bacterial Vaginosis (BV). Giving relief from abnormal vaginal odour and discharge associated with BV.

  • Relactagel provides relief from embarrassing vaginal odour.
  • Relieves abnormal discharge.
  • Restores the natural pH of the vagina.
  • Can be used to prevent BV as well as treating it.
  • Hygienic single use applicators are used to apply the gel where it is needed.

Relactagel is a lactate vaginal gel. Lactate gel therapy restores and maintains the natural pH of your vagina. Relactagel promotes the growth of naturally occurring flora known as lactobacilli.

How to Use Relactagel

One box of Relactagel comes with 7 individual, easy-to-use applicators. The applicator is simply inserted into the vagina and the gel is squeezed out.

For Treatment of Bacterial Vaginosis, use 1 single tube every day for 7 days at bedtime

For Prevention use 1 single tube every day for 2-3 days at bedtime after your period.


Bv is associated with unpleasant fishy smelling vaginal odour whereas thrush is associated with itching, irritation and soreness.

Yes, Relactagel is safe to use during pregnancy. However Relactagel should be avoided if trying to become pregnancy as semen is an alkaline and may be neutralized by lactic acid

Yes, Relactagel can effectively be used in conjunction with antibiotics.

BV is not considered a sexually transmitted disease.

Relactagel is clinically proven to prevent as well as treat Bacterial Vaginosis. Use a prevention dose of Relactagel of 1 tube per day for 2-3 days at bedtime after your period.

Relactagel contains glycogen obtained from oysters, do not use it you are allergic to shellfish, Relactagel may cause mild irritation during fungal infections (e.g. thrush) of the vagina or when there are tears in the vaginal tissue.